Save The Poor

The aim of the church is to guide the youth to help the poor as God love those who love their fellow men. He says so explicitly, instantly following the passage in “The Joy of the Gospel”:
As a result it is important to help men of God, as we all are same, God give extra money to people so that others can help Gods fellowmen , it is a cycle of giving that all of us should follow. The Gospel has taught us regarding the sacrifice of Jesus, we can only repay that through helping others, as he became us and we became him. Not only do it explains the sensus fidei, but in their complications they know the suffering Christ had to endure. We need to let ourselves be evangelized by the great Christ. The new evangelization is an overture concede the redemption power at work in their lives and to put them at the beginning of the church’s pilgrim journey.

We are called to find The son of God in them, to entrust our choice to their motives, but also to be their friend in order to help the fellow ken of God, to listen to him, to speak for the poor and to embrace the problems, responsibilities and burdens in order to grasp the mysterious wisdom which God desires to share with us through them.

According to the Bible:

“Don’t forget it do good and share what you have because because God is leased with these kind of sacrifices” – Hebrews 13:16

Christ’s decree to care for the poor is a direct call to charity, which invariably compels the humbleness which enables us to recognize the tiniest of these as more than just recipients of our charity. “As We are called to find Christ in them.” Thus, helping, sharing and doing charity is a part of the religion and humanity both, as religion exist because of humanity. The goal of giving should never over as, it is a cycle, what goes around comes around.
A church that is build to help the poor loves the poor and expresses them mercy in physique, mind, body and soul. A church that wants to help poor is modest as the sole purpose is to only help before the poor and hardship, and so imitates the great Christ, who is the greatest examples of mercy as his mercy opens himself to love and be loved by the whole world, universe and even by sinners. A church that believes in charity and is for the poor is a church that recognizes the abysses of the kindness of God and so comprehends that insensibility of the impoverished is ignorance of Christ.
The church aimsto provide help the poor and spread the message of love as the Church bears repeating the good deeds which is a considerable challenge to all of us who continue in desire of God’s mercy: “For you know the gracious act of our Lord Jesus Christ, that for your sake he became poor although he was rich, so that by his poverty you might become rich”.